Infrastructures GC Service

Our call center works with an innovative and reliable product.


Technical infrastructure

Global Communications service use a switchboard software-IP with Server-Client architecture which transforms data (LAN-, WAN-net) into a telephone net.

The server conducts all calls (inbound, outbound, via ISDN, via Internet) in the manner a traditional switchboard and an IP via Internet (VOIP) would operate them.
This technology represents an ideal solution to integrate landline, mobile net, Internet telephony and teleworking into one single architecture.

Our call center indeed works with an innovative and reliable product.

Server (switchboard)

  • Group administration (multiple business)
  • Administration of waiting line music and automated messages
  • IVR – automated answering system (for … press 1, for … press 2…)
  • Answering machine for each group (business)
  • Holdup administration
  • Automated selection of the lowest cost telephone carrier
  • User administration (operators)
  • Remote switchboard management
  • Remote client support
  • Line administration ISDN, BA (2 lines) as well as PRI (30 lines)
  • Internet telephony through operators with SIP protocol
  • Integration of Outlook contacts
  • Integration of applications, scripts, databases, CRM etc…

Client (operator workspace)

  • Identification outbound no. (business)
  • Identification inbound no
  • Possibility to send fax
  • Possibility to send email and/or SMS
  • Login-possibility from anywhere
  • Possibility of conference calls
  • Call forwarding (to landline, mobile net)
  • List of last 100 in- and outbound calls
  • Real-time user status
  • Handling of an unlimited amount of calls
  • Call registration (for order processing)
  • Integration of Outlook contacts
  • Integration of databases, scripts, software, web pages, …

Moreover, the telephone structure is integrated part of an IT network based on Windows, equipped with the most popular software programmes, such as CRM (client administration) and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration).

Global Communication service cooperate with excellent network experts for the technical development and maintenance.

Logistical infrastructure

The number of employees depends on the number of clients (turnover).

Personnel infrastructure

Our field of activity demands flexible and highly professional collaborators.

The optimal combination of all these structures guarantees professionalism and continuity.