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Vision and mission

Vision and mission

How we see our future:

  • Externalization of the business to business sector (B2B) will increasingly be necessary.
  • Due to globalization, more and more virtual companies with numerous subsidiaries and branches all over the world will emerge.
  • Companies will more and more focus on their core business.
  • Other activities will be dealt with externally.

Outsourcing will be a global necessity for all businesses wanting to successfully establish their position on the market.


  • Our mission:
  • to offer external services to SMB as well as large scale businesses.
  • to link our services with the key procedures of customer handling and gaining new clients.
  • to offer call center inbound and outbound services in several languages.


  • In order to reach our goals, we follow these guidelines:
  • Our services are personalized and flexible.
  • We build our customer relationship based on confidence.
  • Monitoring and continuous improvement of our services form a main part of our philosophy.
  • We ensure quality by adapting our results to the customer’s expectations.
  • Customer satisfaction is in the centre of our attention at all times.
  • We believe that the secret of success lies in the intensity of human relations as well as teamwork.
  • The dignity of our personnel is of great importance to us.
  • All our activities are carried out in consideration of the environment.
  • The long term survival of our business is one of our priorities.